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南卡罗来纳大学哥伦比亚分校|University of South Carolina Col

校训:Emollit mores nec sinit esse feros (Latin)



现任校长:Dr. Harris Pastides (successor)

所 在 地:Columbia, South Carolina, United States


颜色:Garnet and Black

吉 祥 物:Cocky



南卡罗来纳大学哥伦比亚分校University of South Carolina Columbia 成立于1801年,是南卡罗来纳大学系统的主要分校,为州内第一所得到教育费用拨款的大学,也是本州规模最大的学府。南卡罗来纳哥伦比亚大学的美丽校园就位于哥伦比亚的市中心。


南卡罗来纳哥伦比亚大学University of South Carolina Columbia学术声誉全美排第98名。《纽约时报大学指南》给予三星的学术评价。该校以工商管理和工程最受欢迎。USC的国际商业硕士课程,连续六年获权威性杂志U.S. News和世界日报评为全美最好的国际商业课程。USC也提供许多其它的国际认可课程,包括国际学生语言课程,这也是世界顶级的课程。获得好评的学科还有计算机科学、海洋科学、国际商业、新闻学、广告学、公共关系学、教育、英文和自然科学。学生选修最多的学科,依次是商科管理(17%)、社会科学(13%)、跨系研习(8%)、健康科学(8%)和工程(8%)。著名校友包括许多银行界、石油业及体育界的杰出人才。







The University offers club, intramural, and varsity sports. Its 19 varsity sports teams compete in the Southeastern Conference and are known as the Gamecocks. The Gamecocks have won six national team championships: 2002 NCAA championship in women's track & field, 2005 & 2007 National Championship in women's equestrian, and 2005-2007 Hunt Seat National Championships in women's equestrian. Also, the men's and women's track & field teams have produced many NCAA individual champions, world championship medalists, and Olympic medalists. The men's baseball and basketball teams have also produced Olympic medalists. Other significant accomplishments include: 2005 NCAA runner-up in women's track & field; NCAA runner-up three times in baseball (2002, 1977, 1975); 1993 NCAA runner-up in men's soccer; and 2005 & 2006 NIT championships in men's basketball. See grid at the main article for other championships.


When South Carolina College opened its doors in 1805, the building now known as Rutledge College was the only building on campus. Located one block southeast of the State Capitol, it served as an administrative office, academic building, residence hall, and chapel. However, the master plan for the original campus called for a total of eleven buildings, all facing a large lush gathering area. In 1807, the original President's House was the next building to be erected. The building now known as DeSaussure College followed shortly thereafter, and the remaining eight buildings were constructed over the next several decades. When completed, all eleven buildings formed a U-shape open to Sumter Street. This modified quadrangle is known as the Horseshoe.

The Horseshoe is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and most of its buildings reflect the federal style of architecture in vogue in the early days of the nation. Among them is the Caroliniana Library, which was designed by Robert Mills and is the first freestanding academic library in the United States.

Over the years the eleven original buildings on the Horseshoe survived a fire, an earthquake, and the Civil War, but in 1940 McKissick Museum replaced the original President's House. The President's House would eventually return to the Horseshoe after extensive remodeling of one of its original buildings, which was dedicated as such in 1952.

During the 20th century, the campus began to spread out dramatically from the Horseshoe. Today it includes the student union, 21 residence halls, numerous academic buildings, Longstreet Theatre, the Koger Center for the Arts, the Carolina Coliseum, the Colonial Life Arena, Sarge Frye Field, and various facilities for Olympic sports. (Williams-Brice Stadium is located approximately one mile off campus.)

Recent additions to the campus are the Strom Thurmond Wellness and Fitness Center, the Greek village, and the Green Quad.

USC's new LEED building West Quad.The Green Quad was opened in the fall of 2004 as a residence hall and is one of only four in the world to be certified by the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program.

The campus continues to expand west toward the Congaree River in support of its research initiatives (see below). Three separate sites, each specializing in its own research area, will initially cover 500,000 square feet (50,000 m2) spread over six city blocks and will eventually grow to 5,000,000 square feet (500,000 m2). This new district of campus, named Innovista,will mix university and private research buildings, parking garages, and commercial and residential units. At the center will be a public plaza called Foundation Square.

Future plans also include a new home for the School of Law and a new baseball stadium along the Congaree River.

The University of South Carolina also operates a transit system under Parking Services called Carolina Shuttle (formerly ShuttleCock) which operates Monday - Friday, 7:30 am to 5:30 pm with 7 rotues and 14 buses including convered buses that use more energy-efficient biodiesel. The Evening Shuttle operates from 6pm to 12:30am. The system operates during the Fall and Spring semesters, with limited operation during the summer, reading days, and holidays. Service is free to all USC students, faculty and staff.




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